Funky Fuel Caps fit small and medium sized fuel cap doors.

It doesn’t matter if it’s round or square, as the cap is made with stretch material it will fit and the image will look great.

When ordering, you’ll be prompted to choose which side your fuel cap is on from the perspective of the drivers seat and the size you want: (Small:  Approx. 17cm diameter & Medium:  Approx. 21cm diameter) 

As the material is elasticised, it will stretch to fit larger fuel cap doors.

Show your patriotism for Australia, or your country of heritage or the country of your favourite sports team. (All Blacks vs Wallabies comes to mind….!)

There might be more than one so buy as many as you like – you can change them at any time!

What mood are you in – show the world and have some fun. Interchange as the week progresses …. Friday is always worthy of a smile!

What Sign are you? 

This design really brings out your character and also allows your friends, and people you’ve just met, know what type of person you are – without them having to guess.

Birthdays, Valentines Day, Engaged, Married, Anniversaries, Easter, Christmas – they’re all worthy.

It’s the time to celebrate and it’s nice to feel special

Looking for something more Personalised

You might have your own business logo or specific image that you would like as a Funky Fuel Cap. Not a bad idea considering how many cars you drive past or drive past you every day. It’s cheap and effective advertising. You can order one or many.

Corporate / Charities / Schools

If you are a larger business, we can accommodate you with a bulk order. You can on-sell the Funky Fuel Cap to make money for your school or charity. Talk to us to see how this can work.


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Funky Fuel Caps
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